Improvised music

You can download it from our website – see the ‘DOMINIQUE LOUP MUSIC’ menu of improvised piano music (ESQUISSES) and this in all styles, classic including. Apart from a few pieces which take over known themes with a series of variations, all others are original. Any resemblance to existing pieces would be only fortuitous coincidence.

 Why the so-called ‘classical’ music improvised? For several reasons, the main ones being :

  • The jazz improvisation is common but against almost nonexistent in classic …!? Considering the contribution of jazz improvisation to musical richness perspective, one may wonder why this has not been one of the main subjects in formal education, the secular and sacred traditions have at least had to recover not cause and evolve at the onset of this new musical style in the early 20th century. Especially since almost all great classical composers including Liszt and Chopin, were recognized for their incredible talent for improvising.
  • Increase directory. Indeed, the number of classic songs available to listen is limited… By dint of hearing year round always the same pieces, particularly a hundred “hits” with the n…th record n…th interpreter (!) fun and musical emotion gradually drop. And this is not the few creations of modern dissonant music, twelve-tone and / or atonal that will fix things … This is more one of the main causes of the declining interest of the public for classical music.
  •  Improvisation also allows significantly refine his technique and especially his musical sensibility. The classical piano training primarily “kills” the expressiveness of the musician, as the share dedicated to deciphering and the development of the musical is too large compared to the one dedicated to the quality of interpretation. Moreover, by dint of listening and playing 10, 20, 100, 1000 …? When the same piece – known … the sensitivity of the interpreter for this room can only be found in altered !

 Even if you do not have a special gift at the start – it is true that some gifted people hear a song and immediately played note for note on the keyboard … improvise is within the reach of everyone.
Of course, the beginnings of the results will be modest. It’s like a painter who wants to draw a portrait after the 100th, 1.000th 10.000…th portraits, the resemblance between what you see and what you actually transcribe on paper inevitably start to become quality.

For music, it’s the same thing! After a sufficient number of hours spent to improvise, how you feel and “hear” in your head going in your fingers and is transmitted to the instrument so increasingly clear.

By clicking on the menu “DOMINIQUE LOUP MUSIC” you will find 25 musical pieces “ESQUISSES” to download, music that are all live improvisations : One recording, without preparation or retouching.

So you can see the result that we can get after spending about 10,000 hours on keyboard to improvise…